Israeli Research Identifies Cannabinoids As Beneficial in Battle Against Neuroblastoma

By Monterey Bud on April 22, 2016


Potentially joining hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and chemotherapy as a means of controlling neuroblastoma, Israeli scientists have recently discovered marijuana’s two main cannabinoids help to mitigate the rapid multiplication of the neuroblastoma (nbl) cell.

According to the study, while both THC and CBD were found to “have antitumorigenic activity in vitro and impeded the growth of tumor xenografts in vivo,” the Israeli research noted, “of the two cannabinoids tested, CBD was the more active.” Explaining that, “treatment with CBD reduced the viability and invasiveness of treated tumor cells.”

Most commonly affecting those under the age of 19, neuroblastoma is a particularly vicious type of cancer that attacks the adrenal glands of nearly 20,000 Americans annually.

During the study researchers investigated the anti-nbl effect of the two main compounds in Cannabis; Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. Drilling down on the compounds, Israeli scientists set out to systematically determine the precise effects of those cannabinoids on the “viability, invasiveness, cell cycle distribution, and programmed cell death in human nbl SK-N-SH cells.”

CBD to the rescue…

The study concluded, “Because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that appears to be devoid of side effects, our results support its exploitation as an effective anticancer drug in the management of nbl.”

*While this recent study represents great news for all concerned, here is a quick list of  other ailments that can be helped by marijuana’s numerous cannabinoids:

Relieves Pain – Analgesic – (THCCBDCBNCBCCBGa)

Suppresses appetite / Helps with weight loss – Anorectic – (THCv)

Kills or slows bacteria growth – Antibacterial – (CBDCBGCBCa)

Reduces blood sugar levels – Anti-diabetic – (CBD)

Reduces vomiting and nausea – Anti-emetic – (THCCBD)

Reduced seizures and convulsion – Anti-epileptic – (CBDTHCv )

Treats fungal infection – Antifungal – (CBCa)

Reduces inflammation – Anti-inflammatory – (CBDCBGCBCCBGaCGCaTHCaCBDa)

Aids Sleep – Anti-insomnia – (CBN)

Reduces risk of artery blockage – Anti-ischemic – (CBD)

Inhibits cell growth in tumors/cancer cells – Anti-proliferative – (CBDCBGCBCTHCaCBDa)

Treats psoriasis – Anti-psioratic – (CBD)

Tranquilizing, used to manage psychosis – Antipsychotic – (CBD)

Suppresses muscle spasms – Antispasmodic – (THC, CBDCBCTHCa)

Relieves Anxiety – Anxiolitic – (CBD)

Stimulates appetite – Appetite Stimulant – (THC)

Promotes bone growth – Bone Stimulant – (CBDCBGCBCTHCa)

Reduces function in the immune system – Immunosuppresive – (CBD)

Reduces contractions in the small intestines – Intestinal Anti-prokinetic – (CBD)

Protects nervous system degeneration – Neuroprotective – (CBD)

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