Dabbing with Dani's 2016 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide!

It's that time of the year again! If you are looking to treat your canna friendly loved ones or friends with the perfect gift, look no further! Below you will find my list of my fave top 5 cannabis products on the market!


1. Annabis  Handbags



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AnnaBís helps women feel stylish, free and secure when carrying their cannabis, but there’s something deeper. Women personalize all the important aspects of our lives. We have gorgeous wallets for our money and covers for our phone, lovely glasses cases and cosmetic bags. Why don’t we have something beautiful customized for our cannabis? I never leave home without my "Melissa" from Annabis! 

2. Vaped Honeybird by Nector Collector

Enjoy full size hits from this pocket sized, water-cooled vertical vaporizer. The Honeybird is Nectar Collector's next generation of vertical vaporizer that offers unparalleled ease of use and portability. The 2.5 boroscilicate glass spill-proof bubbler has a 510 threaded collar that fits any ego style battery and is ready for action whenever, where ever you go!

3. VapeXhale

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The VapeXhale is hands down one of the best vaporizers on the market! VapeXhale features a gridded barrel percolator that spins the water as you inhale, creating a visually stimulation experience with superior flavor! Amazing for preserving the terpene profile in both flowers and concentrates! 

4. The Firefly 2

This is the portable vaporizer we've all been waiting for. It vaporizes loose-leaf and concentrates, heats in seconds, and delivers consistently superb vapor quality. It’s 55% lighter and 33% smaller than Firefly 1, with customizable temperature settings, an efficient fast-charge battery, and delightful ease of use. Great hand held device for vaporizing your concentrates! Love the Firefly app, as it allows you to change the temp depending on if you are vaping flowers or concentrates!

5. The Nail Crown

The Nail Crown is the perfect accessory for the concentrate lover! It is the best smoking multi-tool device on the market. You can cover your hot nail without the risk of burning yourself. The super cute crown also have 6 dabs tools, so you can keep them clean and all together in one area. Plus it comes in 18 different colors!! I never leave home without mine!


                Happy Holidaze!!!