About Dani

A longtime activist and patient, Dani Walton is an expert in cannabis concentrates and the healthful aspects of ‘dabbing.’ As a member of the executive team at Harborside, Dani is privy to the latest products and methods of consumption on the market, and to the evolving science of cannabis medicines. Now ready to share what she’s
learned, Dani hopes to remove the stigma of dabbing, and educate other patients and adult-use consumers on its many benefits compared to other methods of consumption. Because her parents were patients, Dani became familiar with cannabis as a medicine at
an early age. In high school she began having severe pain issues and subsequently started studying the plant more seriously. In 2006 she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia while attending college for artist management and music tech studies. Lacking medical insurance and not wanting to rely on opiates, Dani turned to cannabis for relief,
eventually discovering the powerful efficacy of extracts.
In 2008, Dani began working at Harborside Health Center—the nation’s largest model cannabis dispensary, based in California, while finishing school. After a short time in Harborside’s Ombuds department welcoming and orienting patients, she was quickly recruited to the executive management team alongside executive director and co-founder, Steve DeAngelo. She discovered that the higher cannabinoid profiles of the concentrates used by this method gave her the edge she needed to combat her fibromyalgia and to quit
smoking cigarettes. She’s now been pharmaceutical-free (and a non-smoker) for nearly eight years. Dani is currently exploring the benefits of torch-less e-nails, and concentrates with and without terpenes, preferring live resins, "sauces" and solvent-less ‘rosin’ or hash oil to flowers. She’s also a knowledgeable and gentle guide for novice dabbers. “Start small and work your way up,” she says. “Make sure you stay hydrated and are in a comfortable
area for your first time.

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